Social Selling

The World’s Only B2B Social Selling Platform: is the first and only solution on the market to allow 1:1, targeted banner, video and pay per click advertising concurrently, across multiple online channels.

Based upon our Interactive Signature and Video Signature hub technologies, we bring Businesses and Independent Professionals a new way to maximize the value of both outbound and inbound communications.  Persigma Social Selling Applications allow businesses to :

  • Promote your brand with unlimited banner impressions
  • Stay top of mind with your contacts and
  • Deliver personalized, relevant and targeted information through personalized 1:1 communications
  • Consistently deliver unified promotions and tracking across email, web, social media an mobile channels

Social Selling Reaches Far Beyond Email Marketing or Search Advertising

Persigma is introducing a new advertising paradigm…
As a sales and marketing tool, Persigma’s Social Selling Platform delivers direct, relevant access to information and branding your prospects and customers seek. Integration with Microsoft Outlook and the Persigma Mail Hub (our unified web mail portal), affiliate websites and Facebook delivers a truly unique 1:1 marketing platform that is both cloud based and local, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to promote your business.

Personalized Branding and Promotion
-  Unlike email newsletters and marketing campaigns targeting thousands of unsuspecting recipients, the Persigma Social Selling Platform enables:

  • 1:1 personalized promotions
  • Dynamic hand written or template driven content
  • Unlimited banner impressions
  • Video advertising and Sales video integration
  • Pay-per-click link management and redirection
  • Campaign specific promotional landing pages
  • Click through tracking, analytics and reporting

… 24×7, 365 in each and every email you send!

While email marketing campaigns consistently deliver conversion rates of less that 5% in a one-time “blast” and often does not convert recipient interactions into actual business goals, by leveraging our Interactive or Video Signature Hub Technology, Persigma Signature Campaigns deliver your message, image and offer consistently and concisely in front of every person who you personally communicate with, ensuring everyone who sees your campaign gets the straight scoop.  We can even take your message viral and deliver targeted videos to your prospects.  Contact Us to learn more…

Product, Service or Event Campaigns – Support for multiple Social Selling Campaigns in each account allows you to run multiple campaigns concurrently, providing, timely, relevant information that is specific and personalized to prospects most likely to purchase from you,  contacts who already know you and customers who trust you and the information you provide them.  Contact Us to learn more…

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Platform Features:

  • Target identified and known prospects actively looking for information about your products and services online
  • Promote products, services and events to people you communicate with on a daily basis
  • Maximize your business’s revenue potential with contextually targeted ad campaigns, landing pages, personalized URLs and videos
  • Customize ads to complement the information needs and desires of your prospects
  • Integrate the look, feel and branding and interactivity of your website into your email
  • Unlimited branding and impressions with your personalized signature hub
  • Pay-Per-Click charged only only when people click on your signature hub and convert
  • Track the success of different hub designs, format and content with online reports
  • Integrate interactive image, and video ads in your email communications
  • and more…