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Q: What is a Business Email Signature?

A: Business email signatures are an emerging way to deliver 1:1 advertising, personal branding, product promotion and build awareness of your business’ products, services or events. Personal signature marketing campaigns for e-mail, web, blogging and social networking offer an innovative way to:

  • promote your personal brand in a professional, visually pleasing manner
  • promote or advertise products, services and events with a fully interactive signature block
  • integrate corporate marketing campaigns web-to-lead forms, video and flash promotions with your daily emails
  • personalize messages 1:1 with content relevant to the recipient
  • stay top-of-mind in every email you send even if your message goes viral

Q: What is a Personal Signature Hub?

A: Persigma Interactive and Video Signature Hubs bring the interactivity of the web to each and every email you send. Recipients of your daily email communications are now able to access web based information, documents, videos, advertising and promotions that are relevant and targeted to their interests through an intuitive, patent-pending, interactive “micro-site” that replaces text based business email signature blocks and business card signatures.

Anatomy of A Personal Signature Hub

Designed for use in Microsoft Outlook and the Persigma Mail Hub (webmail portal), Persigma Signature Hubs are an attractive, interactive, rich media replacement for the uninspiring business signatures many professionals use today. As a personal branding and marketing channel for businesses, we combine custom visual and interactive designs with integrated promotional landing pages, social media profiles, videos, podcasts, white papers, slide shows, web-to-lead forms and more. Server side redirection and tracking of each click through, offers complete analytics. Persigma’s personal signature hubs serve as the centerpiece of Persigma’s interactive marketing campaigns for e-mail, web, blogging and social networking.

Q: What can I achieve by selecting Persigma to execute my business email signature or 1:1 advertising campaigns?

A: Together we will develop an interactive promotion and advertising strategy that will promote your individuality, products, services and events one message at a time. Persigma designs beautiful signature blocks to enhance your professional image and has developed our unique animated, interactive, and video signature hub services that allow individuals, professionals and businesses to:

  • Be more visible among the people you interact with on a daily basis
  • Leave a lasting visual impression with new prospects
  • Direct readers of your personal emails to view additional information, watch a video, register, download or otherwise take action from that email
  • Track signature impressions and hyperlink click throughs with advanced analytics

Q: How can I replace my current business email signature block with a signature hub for my daily email communications?

A: Persigma Interactive and Video Signature Hubs are offered to the business community as a managed monthly service. Once design and development of your Persigma Interactive Signature Hub or Video Hub has been completed and tracking systems are in place, we will remotely install the interactive or video signature into your Microsoft Outlook signature block. For Outlook users or mobile professionals we are now also offering a web based edition in conjunction with The Persigma Mail Hub, a webmail portal capable of aggregating multiple service provider accounts into a single webmail portal.
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