Persigma Mail Hub

In response for customer demand for a webmail solution that could interoperate with the Persigma Interactive Signature and Video Signature Hub we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Persigma Mail Hub in 2 editions:

The Persigma Mail Hub: CloudSync™ Edition – An on-line webmail portal with CloudSync™ Services that seamlessly and automatically centralize multiple service provider accounts (work, home, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc) and give you the ability to read, manage and send emails between those accounts with an embedded Signature Hub. Unlike any other service, the Persigma Mail Hub gives you centralized real-time “folder” type access to all your 3rd party email accounts through a single modern webmail portal from any web enabled desktop, mobile or Internet device.

The Persigma Mail Hub: MasterSync™ Edition
– Extend unified access to multiple desktop and mobile devices. The Persigma Mail Hub Aggregate Edition with MasterSync™ Services synchronizes all your web, desktop and mobile communications (email, calendars, contacts) and devices with centralized off-site storage and remote backup.

If you would like to learn more please contact us by completing our contact form or telephone us at 408-219-1619. Of course we love referrals to Independent Professionals or Service Providers who wish to keep top of mind with their daily communications.