Top 10 Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Social Selling Solutions for Email Facebook and More is the most interactive and effective business PPC advertising service on the Web.  Our Social Selling Platform delivers interactive campaigns with every email you send, across multiple affiliate websites, from Facebook and more!

Unlike online business directory listings, search engine advertisements, affiliate banner ads or email blasts that target loosely affiliated buyers, delivers personalized, branded promotions to clients and prospects passively in each and every email you send.

The key to our success lies in nurturing the trusted relationships you have established with your prospects and clients and our patent-pending social selling technology which allows each representative of your company to turn their daily business communications into a platform for 1:1 marketing, social selling and cross-channel promotions. designs and operates every social selling campaign with care to ensure all aspects meet the needs of our corporate clients. Our strategies reflect our dedication to what we call “bridging the gap between sales and marketing” while retaining and growing your customer base and offering the highest quality interactive promotions and landing pages for your customers.’s social selling platform and PPC advertising solutions are a cost-effective, simple way to place your company in front of high quality prospects who are ready buyers for your products and services.

Top 10 Benefits of Social Selling Applications:

1. Leverage Trusted Relationships

  • Get your promotions in front of high quality leads who know and trust your business and are ready to buy your products and services

2. Reach Pre-Qualified Buyers

  • Include passive and unobtrusive advertising and interactive promotions in every email sent from your organization to prospects.

3. Develop Personal Branding

  • Personally brand individual sales or corporate executives building recognition and referrability amongst your clientele.

4. Improve Corporate Visibility

  • Unlimited impressions deliver hundreds if unique views per recipient over the life of a campaign increasing your online visibility instantly.

5. Target and Personalize Advertisements

  • Simply select from up to 10 concurrent interactive email signature campaigns per user to start targeting your promotions to interested prospects.

6. Deliver Interactive Promotions

  • Our Patent-Pending “One-Touch-Direct” video and interactive signature hubs bring the interactivity of the the web to every email you send, delivering your message personally to buyers through online, desktop, portable and mobile devices.

7. Personalize Multi-Channel Campaigns

  • Integrate email, search, mobile and social media with each campaign driving cross platform traffic.

8. Dynamic Updates

  • Keep past promotions fresh with dynamic updates for banners, interactive promotions and videos.

9. Monitor Results

  • Unlimited reach. Unlimited Impressions. High quality leads. Improved Conversions. Click Through  Tracking. Daily Reporting. Campaign Analytics. Excellent ROI.  Keep track of critical metrics and trending promotions.

10. Stay Top of Mind

  • Take advantage each and every email you send as a promotional vehicle. Our research and click through data shows each and every email you send can generates an average of 4 brand impressions per message, a 400x conversion rate over bulk email campaigns. Get your message across visually, add value to your communications and stay top of mind…

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